Tom Toles’s final cartoon

As Tom Toles tells us today, he has decided to retire. After a half-century of brilliant cartooning, including 18 years at The Post, he is entitled, but we will miss him greatly, as we know will many of you. While we search for a replacement, we will offer a cartoon every day chosen from a roster of the best cartoonists in the country. You also may continue to enjoy the work of our other staff cartoonist, Ann Telnaes. — Fred Hiatt, editorial page editor

Tom Toles Nails It

Kevin Drum


Political Blogger, Mother Jones

I want to show you Tom Toles’ final cartoon for the Washington Post. Take a look at the middle row. That’s impressive as hell. In a few square inches he summarized precisely the biggest issues facing us between now and a few decades from now. Those three squares should be framed and mounted in every kitchen in America.

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