Kiitella/Lisa Issenberg latest design/creation


designer/arTist, Lisa Issenberg with Django

I built Rancho Desperado/Casa de rŌbert nearly thirty years ago as a bachelor, so naturally there was little thought given to a proper dining hall or cook house. Having little money for the project I had to make sacrifices and the dining accomodations took the hit. After Lisa came on the scene as my roommate/handler/wife she cheerfully adapted to the shortcomings of el rancho. Now fifteen years later she decided to add to the ambience and function of the small setting/dining area with a beautifully designed Tapas table where we can comfortably dine without holding our plates on our laps.

It’s short in height to allow eating from the banco and easy chair and its length is also altered to fit into the confined quarters. The table legs fold so it can rest easy in the only free corner of the house. The legs fold under with countersunk magnets to hold them in place. Made of laminated birch plywood and carefully thought out, designed then water jet cut and assembled only as Lisa would do. Our friend Dennis Conrad was invaluable with his ideas/technical skills to help assemble the table. His master carpentry, engineering, mechanical skills and technical direction was greatly appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Kiitella/Lisa Issenberg latest design/creation

  1. When I lived there, in the summer of 1997, while you were in Portillo and I was building Lonely Acres, we used stacked cases of Busch beer as both furniture and sustenance. I’m very glad to see that Lisa is improving things in the neighborhood; she has a mighty task in front of her! Suerte!

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