Telluride Mountain Film’s past directors ride the shot ski at the Sheridan Opera House


Mountain Film’s past directors ride the shot ski at the Sheridan Opera House, the original theater, to celebrate the festival’s 35th year. Dalva Chesonis photo


Sweet to see that you had taken note of the six way ski shot. You might well
have taken the seventh glass, as I always think of you as the very embodiment
of a mountain communitarian, and Lisa’s contributions to MOUNTAINFILM
generally, and me in particular, are forever warmly remembered. The two
of you are always running these ridges at the highest levels, and I treasure
your daily observations via the Report now, as I did your conversation and expertise in an
earlier time. The Robert Report, and I don’t
know how to use the keyboard to accent that correctly, is as reaffirming
as a morning cup of coffee, and I am grateful for both.


Thank you for your kind words… I admire what all of you directors did with the birthing of a little film festival and it’s meandering journey of 35 years. I think everyone appreciates the metamorphosis and energy it took to guide Mountain Film to it’s present place at the top…

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